Some of my favorite shots from Ashley Osborn

Anonymous asked:
today I saw you and the band play your set at Vans Warped Tour in Cincinnati. during the middle of the performance, you got off stage and joined the crowd. before you continued your performance, you spoke to the crowd of feeling lost and having the urge to give up and let go. recently, life has been shitting on me. I've thought about giving up on a few occasions. but your words from today reminded me that I have a purpose and giving up is not the answer. I just wanted to thank you for that.

There’s a reason, so don’t let go. Find your shovel.

tylerzanca asked:
I just watched your NIN cover and you have a pretty cool singing voice.

I sing on the new jams a bit, thank you though.

Anonymous asked:
You still smoking strong?

What’s strong?

Anonymous asked:
Have you guys been playing around a certain time this year? I am heading out to warped and only really want to see you guys and ETID but don't want to get there to early

Different and random set times everyday.




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