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This is the year of PNE!! with albums from Elder Brother, Brigades, Vanna, Handguns, Forever Came Calling, The American Scene, My Iron Lung, Gates, To The Wind, Heart To Heart, No Bragging Rights, Hit The Lights, along with eps/secret stuff from The Story So Far, Rotting Out, and State Champs do you or Pure Noise ever take a break?


Hahaha I love my label.

Vanna Announce New Album ‘VOID’


Vanna have announced their next album ‘VOID’ out June 19 via Pure Noise Records. You can read a statement from the band and view the track listing here by clicking “Read More” below.

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You dudes should totally release a single from the new album asap :)

Totally. #VOID

Word of mouth this. Reblog/repost. #VOID

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if #topknottuesday isn't a thing already, make it one

holy shit. ily

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